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  1. I am Adrian’s 72 year old sister of AdrianCrazyLife and just listened to her podcast. This 60 year old baby sister of mine truly is amazing and walks the walk. She had a full time career until her side business consistently exceeded her day job. Her core Mantra is always about helping others and growing her business… always thinking out of the box and extending herself.

    Having struggled with the thought of retirement, she gladly took me on as her assistant, and helped me to move beyond my anxiety about tech stuff. She truly is the best tweaker and supporter of women wanting to be successful!!! I salute her and applaud her courage and optimism!

    Love you Sis… and Cat, thank you for featuring her!!!


    1. What a beautiful testimonial about your sister! Adrian is amazing but kudos to you too learning about tech and doing the work that you do!

  2. Why a fantastic interview with Adrian and I can wholeheartedly congratulate her on making her dreams come true and inspire others to do the same.

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