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    1. Your attic sounds the equivalent to my garage!
      Miscellaneous sentimental items often end up there as you know they need to go, but you can’t quite let go. Try limiting yourself to one tub for those things you want to hang on to. Once it is full – that is it.
      Good luck!

  1. Luckily for me, my hubby is an organizing fanatic – so I never have to worry about the attic. He’s even been known to tidy up my t-shirt drawer! It is amazing to find out how little you really need, and I do love spring cleaning!

    1. Oh wow, what a helpful hubby!

      You are so right too – it is amazing to discover that we really need so little. I’m going to be culling my t-shirts, (again) before I move house.

  2. Hi Cat this article is totally relevant, and is something I do all the time. Clean space clean mind! Love this thank you.

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