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  1. Love that you posted this! I have only in the last 6 months come to the realisation I am an Introvert…long story behind that. I currently deal with the silent illness “Anxiety”..the last few months have been very hard to negotiate and some days well overwhelmed is an understatement. Nice to know Im not the only one who retreats! x

  2. Great post, Cat. Married to an introvert so I understand. As an extrovert tho, I relate to a lot of what you wrote. I rarely tell others if I’m struggling with anything and I am a pro at masking. Good for you for letting us in and letting others know they’re not alone.

    1. Thanks for sharing Melanie. I can imagine that it gets frustrating being married to an introvert at times! My husband has become more introverted with age, and me more extraverted, but in the early years I’m sure he struggled with the fact that all of my processing and decision making was done internally, rather than talking it out.

  3. No one ever knows what another is dealing with that’s why it’s so important to not judge a person. Thank you for sharing and hopefully your tips on what to look for when a person goes quiet.

    Hoping that this helps someone in need.

    1. So very true Nancy!
      Everyone has challenges they are facing, you just need to dig a little deeper at times to discover what is going on when dealing with an introvert.

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