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Rocking Midlife®


You find yourself wondering who you really are anymore.

You wonder what happened to your toes which you used to be able to see until your stomach suddenly appeared along with your hot flushes, insomnia and brain fog under the label of “menopause.”

You struggle to find the motivation to stay at the same job after so many years.

You rattle around your house wondering what to do with yourself now that your children have grown.

You suddenly feel “invisible” in the world.

You know that you should be exercising but are not sure where to start as everything seems to ache these days.

Your relationship with your husband feels strained or you have found yourself starting over as a single woman.

You are looking after ageing parents.

You wonder what on earth happened to the younger you who used to have so many dreams and such a passion for life.

Let me give you hope when I say that you don’t have to stay where you are! With my help, you can reignite that passion, determine what you want to do in your next phase of life, find the courage to reinvent yourself and in short – start ROCKING your MIDLIFE!


Let me tell you about my own Midlife Reinvention….

A few years ago, I realised that my children were about to start university and my role as a homeschooling, taxi-driving, cheerleading, supportive mother was about to become redundant.

On top of this, my body was changing, wrinkles were appearing and life in general was changing as I entered that season known as “midlife.”

I had a choice.

I could pine for what my life used to be, or I could embrace the new.

It wasn’t easy, but as I navigated the ups and downs of midlife, I chose to purposely find joy.

Even when things were tough – I chose to still ROCK my midlife – and I decided that I wanted to encourage other women to do the same. I  already had a four year degree in education, but went back to school and trained as a Personal Trainer, then later added Life Coaching to my tool kit. As well, I launched Rocking Midlife®  – a FREE online community where women can connect and talk openly and vulnerably about the challenges they are facing and find support.

A place where women can share a laugh.

A place where women can come together with the common goal to ROCK their midlife season too.

As I found myself meeting more and more women however who were floundering, wondering what on earth their purpose was now. I wrote my book “Girl! get over yourself and get in the Game!” to encourage them that life was by no means “over” – in fact there was SO much more for them to become and do!

I launched coaching programs to support and encourage women through this season of change, ran the very first LIVE Rocking Midlife® event in Auckland and determined to continue connecting, inspiring and encouraging midlife women worldwide as I firmly believe that when women find their purpose in life, they impact not only their own lives, but their families and their communities. 

If you are ready to ROCK your midlife and beyond – I encourage you to reach out. I can help you via my online group coaching programs or come and speak at your group or event.

It’s YOUR time now! 

Contact Cat today to talk about how she can help you ROCK your Midlife!

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Rocking Midlife®


“”I was privileged to hear Cat speak at a recent conference in California, and with just her opening line, my heart was moved. She has the ability to speak to directly to you, your thoughts, yes even in a crowded room of over 100 persons. Perhaps it was because I recognised her genuine desire to open up and be raw right off the bat, to be vulnerable, and to share. Or the simpler (and more potent) fact that Cat is such a relatable person. Honest. Authentic. Genuine.”

~ Sheela