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  1. I’m going through a bit of a re-invention myself at the moment, but just baby-step by baby-step. I was so stuck in a rut of work – home – deal with teens- sleep – work with nothing else, but a recent overseas holiday has kind of snapped me out of it, thankfully! I’ve sort of got 3 goals – plan another mini-holiday with my 2 adult kids, get my sorry arse fitter and healthier and really try hard to get my new blog established and eventually earn a few $$ from it. Thanks for this post, it’s certainly helped with the motivation side of things! Tara x

  2. Can absolutely relate to this Cat. After a 16 year career as an author i’ve walked away from it mostly, it did not fill my soul any more, and i wanted to concentrate on home and hearth and creating an environment that enriches all who live here. However, that said, trying to myself and my health first (given that i have a disability) is still at the bottom of the list. Working on that LOL


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