Reignite your Creativity!

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  1. Creativity is so easily stunted when not used often. I find that I get grouchy when I don’t have those periods of creativity and I set certain “do not disturb” phases especially when I am writing.

    1. Good for you in protecting your time when creating, and I hear you about feeling grouchy when not getting the chance to be creative!

  2. This was inspiring to me. We often underestimate our creativity. Often we neglect even trying because we put others first. This art class sounds both fun and rewarding.

    1. I totally agree with you Nancy! So many of us tell ourselves that we aren’t creative and stop ourselves from an experience that can be fun and joyful.

  3. Creativity can come in so many forms. For me, it’s in my kitchen. I find I can express myself in the art of food preparation. We need to remember that we can be creative – art is more than just paintings.

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