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Season 2

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Rocking Midlife®- the Podcast is here to encourage women that life can ROCK in their next season! Join me as I feature real and totally unedited conversations with amazing people who are intentionally rocking their midlife season, so real, I should add that you will possibly even hear my chickens outside!

From menopause, to following your dreams, to finances, to sex – no subject is off limits. Rocking Midlife®- the Podcast will inspire and motivate you to be brave, stop procrastinating and create the life and legacy you want!

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S.2 E.1 "Clear the Clutter and take control of your life today!" - Cat Coluccio

S.2 E.2 "Write your Book and increase your influence!" with Dixie Maria Carlton

S.2 E.3 "Navigating Menopause!" Information for women with Teresa Dias

S.2 E. 4 "Anyone can speak Confidently!" A conversation with Professional speaker, Diana Thomson

S.2 E. 7 "Raising Resilient Kids in the digital age" with Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Cathy Mellett

S.2 E. 10 "Menopause and Brain Health" with Dr. Isabel Hunsinger MD

S.2 E. 5 "How to Avoid Romance Scammers!" with Debby Montgomery Johnson

S.2 E. 8 "You're not too old to launch your Online Biz!" A fun conversation with breast cancer survivorAdrian

S.2 E. 11 "How to Reinvent Yourself" with special guest, Sandy Wade

S.2 E.6 "It's not too late to Reinvent!" A conversation about starting at midlife with Sheree Clark

S.2 E.9 "You're not too old to try something new!" A conversation with Robyn Pearce

S.2 E.12 "5 Tips for Living Positively with Chronic Pain" - Cat Coluccio