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  1. Oh you sweet person for sharing, I suffer also from many autoimmune disorders…I’ve been laying low myself…the pain makes you breathless in sharing. You hide and need alone time to heal, even though you know it doesn’t come easy….I’m older, but a young at heart in my 60’s designer of Heirloom sewing, so bad days I work with the things that bring me great peace…beautiful Laces and exquisite fabrics…oh the peace of fine work. I guess I’m a loaner of sorts…..I can spend hour upon hour of alone time, disruption annoys me on bad days…oh but the good days, I want to shout to the world my love of an antiquated profession….so Cat hold true to your heart, things will get better and letting your body heal is a lonely illusion. You don’t want company, but if you do, ask that they possibly bring you a meal…i know that sounds strange, but oddly enough it isn’t…. we need sustenance and when in pain we find it hard, very hard to cook, clean. So, if you have friends or loved ones, make it clear you can visit, but please bring me a gift of food. Stay well and again thank you for sharing. Sharron
    We ladies rock it!!!

  2. Cat, this post brought tears to my eyes.

    My 34 year old son lives with chronic pain due to failed back surgery, like your husband. It’s sucks so badly!! We have talked about how some days it would be easier if people could just “see” it…but they never will. So he keeps going.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this Loretta! My heart goes out to your son – I know what my husband lives with, and even though I live with pain too, I find it is harder watching loved ones suffer. Am always here for you if you need to chat to someone who “gets it” – msg or email me xxxx

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