How to create a life you love after 40

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  1. I agree and have been helping women do this for the last 6 years. I love working with women in the second chapter of their life who don’t want to deal with the tech needed for that change.

    1. They are a wonderful demographic to work with aren’t they? You’re providing a solution to a real need.

  2. Wonderful and helpful post. As someone who turned 40 a couple years ago – I sure identify with many things in the post. The strong words of encouragement are helpful especially when it comes to reinventing and moving forward.

  3. I need to work on taking time for myself – especially when it comes to exercising and working on my blog – I find that both often take a back seat to taking care of people and volunteering. Thanks for the reminder! xo Nipa

    1. I think there will always be that tension of giving time to yourself or giving time to others when you are someone that values serving people.

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