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  1. Thank you for sharing your three tips! Values, skills, and a platform/vessel to share are three points we can identify. I love how you say at mid-life, we know our weaknesses and strengths, which is very accurate. We know what sits at the back of our minds; nagging, nudging is to act upon. Your three tips offer a way to get moving “on purpose!”

  2. Hi Cat,
    I loved hearing about the values and where to use your talents. I have said to my mom, it really is hard to know what to do in life just getting out of high school, unless it is something in the family. Seems later in life you discover more in life about your passions, what you love and what you feel most good about doing. I have always loved dogs and feel that at this time, one of my passions is wanted to work with them, ie volunteering etc. Enjoyed the video!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for commenting, and you are right about the ability to be clearer about our values and passions when we get older. Would love to hear if you end up doing something with dogs – I often toy with the idea about cats which I love!

  3. This really resonates with me Cat!! I read a wonderful book called Being Mortal where he talks about how having a purpose especially for older people can make such a difference!!

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