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  1. You are such a fierce sister, Cat. Especially with that “Jeans” video!!
    I’m so glad you joined us in this endeavor and it’s been so inspirational to hear from the women that are near and dear to us!!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me jump in Jodie!! I love being able to collaborate with like-minded women from around the world. xx

  2. Am waaay behind in my reading. You have introduced us to fabulous women Cat and I love your introduction. And thankyou also for that wonderful jeans video. Love Fiona’s ‘being a fierce midlifer is owning my own power’.

  3. Wow, Cat! Great post! Owning our power, being our true selves, unapologetically and loud! The essence of being fierce in midlife has been so eloquently expressed by these amazing women you have featured. I am inspired so much by all of the women in this campaign! Stay fierce, my friend.


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