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“If you can speak, you can influence.

If you can influence, you can change lives. “


Cat Coluccio is a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach with a passion to see women empowered to confidently create lives that are fulfilling and On-purpose, building a legacy that impacts their families and communities.

A vibrant and dynamic international communicator, Cat delivers presentations that are both inspiring and full of practical take-aways that bring value long after she has left the stage. A seasoned performer with years of experience as a professional musician, she is equally at home in front of a large women’s event, a conference for men and women, a workplace workshop or a virtual summit. She often brings a unique touch to her presentations with the inclusion of a musical performance on her saxophone. 

Cat creates bespoke keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops that are engaging and interactive, and is known for her warm communication style. Audiences are always left with practical action steps or hacks that they are encouraged to implement in order to bring about transformation. 

As well, Cat is an experienced and professional MC,
able to host live and virtual events.

Presentation topics include: 

  • Grow your Business by Building an Online Community

Now more than ever, businesses need to have an online presence. However just having a website and a social account isn’t enough. In this presentation, Cat gives practical strategies to help businesses attract new clients, retain current clients and nurture warm leads through the creation of engaged online communities. 

  • Rock your Wellbeing, Rock your Business!

The most important assets of your business are you and your team. The wellbeing of your business is directly related the mental, relational and physical wellbeing of your people, and by the conclusion of this interactive presentation, you will have a toolbox of action steps to improve your wellbeing in these areas.

  • Are you Living your Life in 3D?

In the same way that 3D glasses distort your perception of reality, Cat identifies 3 “Ds” in this presentation, which are voices that have the potential to distort and possibly completely derail you from fulfilling your dream. A motivating presentation to inspire and by the end, Cat reveals a 4th “D” which can make all the difference in your life when applied. 

  • Are you the Leading Lady of your own life?

Women are so conditioned to put everyone else’s needs in front of their own. Life is not a rehearsal however, and if you do not step up and own your place as the leading lady in your own life – you will always be frustrated. Cat’s 5 hacks to owning your leading lady status are both motivating and practical. 

Cat Coluccio is an inspiration to Midlife women, encouraging them to be their best self. She spoke at an event I hosted and her strength lies in her courage to be vulnerable. She has a powerful voice that resonates with the Midlife woman looking to rock her life.

~ Catherine O’Connell
CEO – Forever Fierce Media

Cat Coluccio, was one of our speakers at the inaugural HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference in Auckland, on the 29th February 2020 and held our audience captive with her story. She not only is an uplifting and inspiration speaker but she infused her musical creativity into her presentation as well. If you are looking for speakers with an X-factor, I highly recommend Cat Coluccio.

~ Getrude Matshe 
Global Curator and Founder – HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference

A very down-to-earth lifestyle and well-being speaker. Cat provided NZCB with two fabulous presentations over 2 days. She was fantastic and a perfect fit for our event. She had such great integrity, energy and passion. She really inspired our audience and has rated well in the feedback. Feedback included ‘I really enjoyed Cat Coluccio. Some excellent knowledge ‘takeaways’.

   ~ Kara Farrar 
Event Manager – NZ Certified Builders Association

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Winner of the 2019 Fast-Track Scholarship awarded by the

Professional Speakers Association, New Zealand

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