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  1. Interesting triad of questions… embrace, resent or adapt? hmmm… if I’m brutally honest, it probably depends on the change itself. Some are easier than others to embrace, that’s for sure. And some, especially that are unexpected, probably have to go through a time when I’m angry they’re there. I’m definitely into adapting however. Anger’s no fun over time.

    Very nice post, and congrats on your book!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting Margaret. I looked at your site and you are an amazing and knowledgable lady! I agree with you too – sometimes the shock of unexpected change has to be “digested” before the decision of embracing / resenting or adapting can be made. x

  2. The one thing I find in talking with mid-life ladies, is a great deal of CHANGE and TRANSITION … whether wanted or out-of-the-blue. Seems the quote is true… “The only thing that stays the same is CHANGE”. Nice post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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