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  1. Great post Cat! I’ve been on a declutter binge as well. It is one of my goals for this year! I just spent two days on my personal closet. However, my intent is to continue throughout the whole house. I do best when I pick a project, set a date and tackle it!

    Julie Augustyn
    Fashion Trends and Friends

    1. Good on you Julie! My closet is next on the list – when you find yourself reaching for the same outfit day after day because it is too hard to navigate the cram – it is definitely time for a clear out!!

  2. Ha, I clicked on this straight away! A lot of de-cluttering required here atm, partly because stuff has been quietly building up whilst I’ve been super-busy. And I’m sure junk magnetically attracts more junk! Anyhow – today is the first day of the clear out so I’ll use your list as a handy reminder.

    1. Oh you are SO right when you say “junk magnetically attracts more junk” Nancy! All the best with your decluttering!

  3. I am always talking about getting out of FB groups and off email lists that you are not participating in! i was even going to do a live stream in the group about that. Thank you for mentioning that aspect of de clutter.

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