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  1. Where shall I send the picture?Love this. I’m 56 and wear jeans almost r everyday !! My insatagram is 2ndhalfhipsters .. thanks for doing this

  2. Hey wow I loved the idea! I’m 42, Dilem from Istanbul – proud to be naturally silver! I guess I’m just the opposite of that they tell us not to do as I wear jeans, letting my silver hair grow longer and longer, wearing bright colors and even wearing shots and minis… 😉 I’m sending my pics to the email address.

  3. Hi Cat. I’ll play that game. I am 65 and my husband wanted to retire in Montana so jeans are my go to. I posted some on my Instagram account and blog both Stylebeyondage. I would love to be included. Check out my accounts or I could send you the picture anytime.
    Cheers! Sonia

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