Get you back on track with your goals

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  1. It is so critical to set goals up in a way we can attain them and measure them… you are so spot on when you call out “getting fit” as not really a good choice for a goal? How do you measure that? It takes a while to get there… and not having tangible measurable goals like “i want to run a 10k” or “walk a mile without stopping” makes in near impossible to achieve.

    1. Thanks Jack, and you are so right. If a goal can’t be measured, it is highly unlikely that it will ever be reached!

  2. What if are two very regretful words to live by. You have given us many wonderful choices to eliminate all the obstacles and excuses. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. This is very inspiring and I am actually going to take notes from your blog post. To be honest I hardly ever have new years resolutions but I seem to ‘linger’ over when I start with my goals throughout the year.

    1. I’m glad that you’ve been prompted to take notes 🙂 I really think that when we take the pressure off having to have things all sorted by Dec 31st, and instead, treat every week as an opportunity to set or work towards goals, we don’t get “stuck” any more worried about how much of the year has gone by.

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