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  1. Hi Cat, I tried doing two jobs for about a year, and though the hours were not impossible, it was emotionally exhausting. When I quit one of those jobs, I started blogging instead, and that has been a much more joyful experience. xo Nipa

  2. Thank you for illustrating my point Nipa! I’m so glad that you allowed yourself to step out of one of those jobs and start your blogging adventure.

    1. Thanks Jack, and you are so right – if you compromise your health in order to earn, there is no benefit at all.

  3. Great and insightful post. With the economy turning (I manage retail stores) I started looking into a second job a few months ago. Since I work a lot of hours, I needed something flexible. So, that’s how I found blogging and also opened an Etsy shop recently. Your post is great!

  4. Thanks so much Debbie, and I’m so glad that you caught yourself before getting that second job and instead, created a flexible side hustle!

  5. Great points-all of them. The stress alone wouldn’t be worth it to me. Stress can destroy so much.
    Excited for you on your upcoming book!

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