Declutter at midlife

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  1. We recently downsized and I was so anxious about missing my “stuff.” It’s incredible to me how much I don’t need and how much I don’t miss. Life is much better without being tied to things! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. We’ve just moved too – it’s a great way of “forcing” you to re-assess your belongings and yes, amazing how much stuff we actually don’t need!

  2. Hi Cat!
    Oh, I go a bit nuts when there is clutter! I suppose I came from the opposite end of the spectrum, which was my dad threw everything away. Now my hubby keeps everything. I know there is a happy medium. There is a sense of relief when you let things go, it feels so good just to clear it out!
    Enjoy your week!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jessica – it’s great that you and your hubby have found balance! I’ve met some couples whose clutter tolerance level is so different that there is constant friction.

  3. I’ve always been a huge fan of the post-December declutter. It’s a good habit to get into during snowy winter months so everything is fresh for the spring!

    1. I hear you, except for me down here in New Zealand, it’s around August when I like to do a clear out, ready for spring in September. I do like doing a quick freshen up at the end of December too though, ready for the New Year.

  4. This is so good, Cat! I am simplifying my life in several areas. It’s so freeing! I went from 9 boxes of Christmas stuff down to 3! It feels so good! I Love your blog and will be back for more. XO, Christine

    1. Thanks Christine and I hear you on the Christmas stuff! I threw a few boxes out when we moved recently and have no clue why I had held on to them for so long!

  5. This post is speaking directly to me today! No one would ever accuse me of a cluttered house. But, I do have a cluttered mind and neat cluttered office. Now, is the time for me to finish the clearing and make way for a clean start.
    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Oh I hear you about the cluttered mind and also the “neat cluttered office.” We get so adept at organising our over abundance of belongings, rather than actually clearing them. All the best for your clearing!

    1. Wow – I can imagine that the act of downsizing was both liberating and confronting at times!

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