12 Ways to Make Money with a Blog in 2023

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  1. Hi Cat I have read through the 12 ways. I’m currently doing direct selling network that is a big brand here in SA and I’m struggling because you sell and recruit. My question is can I sell the products and recruit on my blog or should I get permission from the company?

    1. Hi Kesentseng. While I can’t give you a legal answer, not knowing the company’s policies, I don’t see how they would have an issue with you writing posts about your own experience using their products. For example, if it is a skincare line, you could do so many posts: how to look after your skin in your 20s, your 30s, your 40s; how to deep cleanse your skin; how to protect your skin from the cold or the sun etc etc. You could then add direct links to products throughout your post, or include a call to action to receive a sample. Your main thrust however, would be to grow your data base, so you can promote your products in your emails, so I would consider giving away a free checklist or ebook that people can download in exchange for their email address.

      The key with direct selling is building a relationship, so you need to see your blog as a way of educating and giving value to your readers.

      Edit: I just had another thought too. Using the example of a skincare product once more, I would suggest that you create your own blog eg: “Kesentseng’s Tips for Beauty at any age!” You then create posts like I suggested above that might reference or link to the products you sell. This way, should that company fall over, or you choose to leave it, you will still have your blog and data base you have created, and can simply link new products to your articles.

      Hope this gives you some ideas!

  2. The other question is as I’m growing my Master of Ceremony skill can I blog about it and how. This in relation with number 11

    1. I’ve done a few MCing roles – they are so much fun!

      Before starting a blog about being an MC, you’d need to determine who your audience is. Are you writing to the average business owner, suggesting they need to use an MC at their events or writing for people who want to learn how to become an MC?

      If the latter, is would be worth creating a niched blog that funnels the readers into a program or course about how to become an MC. If the former and the blog is just about you and your services, I would possibly not create a stand alone blog, but incorporate your MC work into your business site / blog, as one of your services. For instance, my website here has a blog, my podcast, my books and a page about my speaking services. I don’t tend to blog about speaking though, but rather the subject matter I mainly speak about: midlife reinvention, decluttering your life and side hustles.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Cat,
    This is an excellent guide to monetizing a blog. It’s helpful to know where to start, and you’ve highlighted pros and cons. Thanks for all the valuable information and tips!
    Barbie xx

  4. What a great informational post! I love these answers and I tell people all of the time your blog should be paying you in some form or it’s just a hobby.

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